Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary, Abeokuta, is introducing a 2-year collaborative Master’s degree programme with Bethany International University, Singapore, in Intercultural Studies.

The programme is primarily developed to enable students to reach the unreached communities of the world through a specialized training to be coordinated by Bethany International University, Singapore.

Students will be trained to be creative, flexible, contextualized and culturally-sensitive in an ever-changing world. Because we expect students of missions to be primarily pioneers and trailblazers, going into new and often difficult situations, the training will seek to go beyond the academic and even experiential to train students in total dependence on the Spirit of God, hearing His voice and following His guidance and direction to live by faith and developing an ongoing Christ-like character.

This calls for unique and specialized curricular components which seeks to:

  1. instruct on new approach to missions;
  2. create a deep passion for missions;
  3. develop missionary skills and competences;
  4. produce missionary practitioners for cross-cultural and non-traditional missionary settings;
  5. produce trainers in missions who will multiply the process across the world communities;

Students will be introduced to challenging environments and will be expected to show evidence of their learning in Intercultural Studies. Upon completion of studies, successful students will be awarded an M.A in Intercultural Studies from Bethany International University and this will qualify them to undertake a 3-years Ph.D program.

Bethany International University, Singapore, is a world acclaimed institution that specializes in mission training tailored for Asian, African and Latin American countries. Download here the Courses