1. The 9th set of Language School Postulants who are now in the second year in all recognized Theological Colleges of the Church of Nigeria shall resume at Crowther Seminary, Abeokuta on Monday 4th September, 2017. All Postulants must report on this day.
  2. Lectures begin after one week of orientation.
  3. All postulants for Diploma and B.Th should report to Language School. No category is to be exempted. No Ordination training Special Candidates, please.
  4. In-coming postulants are to bring along sets of white and black cassocks, surplices, white shirts, black tie, Black Trousers, Book of Common Prayer of Church of Nigeria, Hymn Book (The Hymns Ancient & Modern), Books on Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba are also compulsory. The mode of dressing during classes shall be white shirt with black tie over black trousers. Clerical Shirts shall not be used.
  5. All students will be accommodated on campus and would not be allowed outside unless with authorization.
  6. Students will not operate cooking stoves within the premises of the hostels. As operates in other Universities, private cafeterias operate in campus for interested students to patronize.
  7. CGTS will be responsible for their feeding throughout the period of lectures in the Seminary. Students will be feed twice daily (Afternoon and Evening).
  8. All students are to bring along certificate of sound health from state – owned hospitals.
  9. Lateness and indiscipline will not be condoned.

May God bless you all. Registrar