Guidelines for Incoming Postulants

The Tenth set of Language School Postulants who are now in the second year in all recognized Theological Colleges of the Church of Nigeria shall resume at Crowther Seminary, Abeokuta on Monday 3rd September, 2018. All Postulants must report on this day. Lectures begin after one week of orientation. All postulants for Diploma and B.Th should report to Language School. No category is to be exempted. No Ordination training Special Candidates, please. Deans are strongly advised not to unilaterally exempt anybody. This is an order from the Primate’s Office.  It is an act of injustice to exempt ‘favoured’ candidates no matter who so requests. The In-coming Language School postulants are the Tenth set of candidates admitted through CONJEE for the B.Th Ordination course.  They shall take prescribed courses as contained in the new B.Th Curriculum while at CGTS in addition to their Language courses.  The session shall constitute the third year of their four-year Degree programme. Read More

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